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Christ First, Others Second, We're Third!
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VOL. 58 - Issue 1 - January 7, 2010







We welcome Ted Lolley to the TBC family. Ted has been with us for some time and has already made an enormous contribution by leading the reconstruction of the church sanctuary. Welcome Ted!

The New Year is here and the church moves on. I have great hopes for Third Baptist Church in 2010. I know that many of you have dreams and wishes for the church and most of the time you never get to express them. Sunday night is your chance. We will have a Town Hall meeting at 6pm in the sanctuary. I will share with you some of the things that have happened over the last 10 years and some of the things that I think we need to accomplish in the future. I will address some concerns that were brought to me after meetings by the deacons and personnel committee.

I believe this will be an important meeting and serve to provide us with direction for the future of the church. I know most of you love this church very much and I encourage, in fact, I plead that you attend this meeting.

Sunday morning Zac Bailes will preach for us. I had the high honor of introducing Zac before he preached at the Academy of Preachers  over the weekend. The Academy of Preachers held a preaching conference at St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville. The Director of the Academy is Dr. Dwight Moody and he has made a valuable contribution to the kingdom by putting this together. Pray for Zac as he preaches this Sunday morning.

In future Couriers we are going to provide you with information concerning the operations of the church. Things like who the active deacons are, lists of the trustees, Sunday school teachers and committee members, who visits the hospital and when, how long staff members have been here and the amount of vacation time they have...and much more. Hope it helps!

Wednesday night January 13 we are going to start a study entitled: Who Are We? We will talk about what it means to be a Baptist. This will help you in your own discipleship journey. Please come join us. Those of you that are in choir come early and I promise you will be out in time to catch your breathe before you start your rehearsal. If you do not attend prayer meeting on Wednesday nights, give it a try. Supper is at 5pm and we start prayer meeting at 6. We are almost always done by 6:45.

Quote of the Week:

“There’s nothing like being locked down 23 hours a day with nothing to do but think about what I did.”

Michael Vick, NFL player who served 23 months in prison for dog fighting speaking to Covenant Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  

Joe Thomas, Associate Pastor

"Thank you” seems an inadequate way to express gratitude to all of you who sent Christmas cards and other tokens of love to our family. We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness, your kind words, and your assurance of continuing prayers for Emily.

     On behalf of the whole church I want also to express thanks to the Decorating Committee for the wonderful way in which they beautified the sanctuary and the other areas of the church. This added immensely to the festive mood for worship and fellowship.


As we begin a new year together, I wonder what resolutions or goals you are setting for yourself. Let me suggest a primary goal: knowing God in a deeper way. I was struck recently by the writing of Margaret Simpson in her book “Coping With Cancer.” She tells how before cancer invaded her life, “my religion was eminently successful. In a church where my family had had ties for thirty-five years, I was a Sunday school teacher; I played the piano; I was active in the women’s organizations; and on and on the list of church commitments grew. My God in this religion was a God of the intellect, a God of habit. With an inherited faith, I was one of God’s granddaughters. I was unaware that God has no grandchildren, however-only children. I did not know God.” (p. 72)

Cancer, or any other life-threatening circumstance, has a way of shaking the foundations of one’s life. Everything is seen through the lens of this experience. How God fits into the picture becomes a primary concern. All of one’s beliefs become existential. It is not enough o believe “that”; one must face the inevitable “who” and “why” and “how can I cope with this?” Knowing God first-hand becomes the main goal of life.

We hope that, as you ponder your goals for 2010, you will consider the upcoming opportunity of sharing in a small group. Dr. Byrd is planning to launch a small group using Richard Foster’s “The Celebration of Discipline.” You may want to check out our church library’s copy of this book, peruse its outline, and see if participation in this small group may help you in your spiritual growth during this new year.


In addition to our church’s giving to a variety of local ministries (White Christmas and individual Sunday school class ministries) our people have thus far given the following to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering ($4,198) and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Global Mission Offering ($1,315). These over and above gifts help spread the gospel throughout the world.


We are still in need of five to ten people who will volunteer to drive our church van to the OASIS shelter once a month on Tuesday evenings. Steve and Lisa Waninger have carried on that ministry for over two years, but can no longer do so. If you could help in this endeavor once a month, please sign the sing-up sheet on the Atrium desk.


Kurt Hoffman, Minister to Youth and Young Adults

Welcome to Twenty-Ten, or whatever you choose to call it! We have made it farther than we ever have before, and the past is, well, just that, the past. That can make us happy to think about and sad to think about too. I am happy that we have a God who forgives my past, that I wish I could forget, but then again, the past helped make me the person that I am today-saved, redeemed, forgiven, called, chosen, and a Christian! I deserve none of those titles, and neither do you. That is what makes God great for us, and that is why Jesus is our Savior. He has “saved” us from what we deserve and that helps us deal with our past, and it gives us a great hope for our future. We have hope no matter what the situation, or illness, or cancer, or money crisis that comes our way. Praise God and thank Him for being our rescue!

Xtreme in Gatlinburg was just a big ol’ answered prayer! Everything went well, and students responded and behaved just as I expected them to. Decisions and commitments were made through this fun getaway. Fun with a purpose was what our students, and adults, needed to end the year and to prepare for the next!

NEW things will be happening for the students on Wednesday and Sundays (which both start at 6:00). I would love to tell you about them, but I invite all students to come and see for yourself. I desire to be more intentional with the teachings and time that I get with the students. Parents, I love you and pray for you, and I long to come along side you to help you with whatever you may need. I want to minister to you also; you are the real youth minister to your kids!

See you soon in the youth room!

Today’s verse: Philippians 1:20

Wednesday Nights (WIDE)
Meal at 5:00 in The FSR
Friends, Fun & Jesus at 6:00
Sunday Nights (DEEP)
Snack supper at 5:30
Bible Study at 6:00
Today’s verse: John 7:38


STEVE BRISTOW, Minister of Music

     Psalm 45:1 reminds me that the theme of my heart will determine the story of my life. How do others see you? Not the you or me that we portray on Sunday morning, but the you and me they see at 2:30 pm on a Wednesday or at 8:00 p.m. on a Friday.

     Is the theme of our heart noble? Are we continually focusing our thoughts on God’s Word? We can talk a good game but our fruit is what tells the story of our commitment to the cause of Christ.    In this new year desire to understand and immerse yourself in God’s Word and develop a “noble theme” in your heart so that it will show in your life to all men.

Blessings in this new year.


 NIKKI COOPER, Children's Director


Just wanted to once again tell the kids what an awesome job they did on the Christmas program! They were so good and tried really hard...and it paid off!! They stole the show! WAY TO GO!

I have mentioned that we are learning a musical/drama on Wednesday nights. If you would like to have your child participate in this event, they need to attend the practices on Wednesday nights at 5:30. We will practice until 6:10. After that we will have Bible Study, Missions and Recreation until 7:10. We have a great time on Wednesday night and I would love for you to bring your child to join in on the fun and learning! We do learn about the most important thing there is...JESUS!

For the next several weeks, I will be working in the children’s department upstairs at the and organizing. For this reason, if you get things out… put them back where they came from. It makes for a much better environment!




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