Third Baptist Church
Monday, September 20, 2021


Volume 69 ~ Issue 17
September 1, 2021

I am privileged to introduce you to our new ministry secretary Libby Kassinger. The hiring committee firmly believes that her education, skills, past experiences, pleasant disposition, and work ethic will make her a great member of our team. We are grateful that God has brought her to us for such a time as this, and we live with great expectation and hope for the future. Feel free to come by the office and introduce yourself, call the office to say “hello,” or send Libby a card welcoming her to our church community. —Micah
Meet Libby! She is from Owensboro, and is a member at Settle Memorial UMC. Her husband, Jake, and she have a cat named Mew. Her hobbies include cooking, golfing, traveling, and cheering on the University of Oklahoma football team. She loves collecting butterflies and antique furniture. She is very excited to be your new church secretary and looks forward to being in contact with you!
 Wednesday Night Team Kids:                                                                           Happy Labor Day!                                                                 Sr. Adult Fellowship
MOVED tentatively to Sept 15                                                                                                                                                                         Tuesday, Sept 7 @ 10 am

Deacon Information

September 5
Curtis Hannah, Debby Smith
Hope and Harvest Team
Laura Bronn, Curtis Hannah
September 12
Jim Smith, Laura Bronn
Hope and Harvest Team
Debby Smith, Dan Atteberry 
Mark Your Calendar
September 19:
  • Deacons Meeting @ 5PM
  • Business Meeting @ 6 PM
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Being punished isn't fun! If you think about the whole process, it can be kind of rough. First, you mess up and do something that you shouldn't. Next, you feel bad about it. Then, your teacher or your parents find out. Then comes the punishment! But even when that is over, sometimes you still feel guilty. It is hard to be in school and be around other kids with so many different personalities. It is not always easy to get along with everyone. Do you ever find it hard to talk to you Mom or Dad after you have been punished? You know you still feel bad or guilty, especially if you have messed up. Sometimes you might hang your head, look at the ground, mumble when you talk, or even try to avoid them altogether. Even if you know your parents will forgive you, its still possible to feel shy or embarrassed because you know you let them down. When I was growing up, my parents did not punish me by spanking or such.  Instead they would sit with me and tell me how I had let them down. I knew they loved me and it hurt worse than if they had spanked me. I was so ashamed I let them down and let Jesus down. My parents had a way of making me feel loved, forgave me, and then helped me make a situation better for the next time. In Ephesians 3:12, the verse says that through your faith in Jesus Christ, you can approach God without fear knowing that he will welcome you. Once you ask for forgiveness, your sin is removed, forgotten, and you're perfect again in God's sight. Next time you mess up, ask your parents to forgive you, ask God to forgive you, accept your punishment, and then keep your head up and know your relationships are still strong. Remember, Trust God, Bless Others, Celebrate Grace! 

  • Frank Beller

September Birthdays

7     Gabriel Gary
7     Beverly Lovan
9     Aaliyah Hernandez
9     Ross Hobgood
9     Joe thomas
10     Jim Gordon
11     Jacob Baxter
11     Ed Bell
11     James Byrd
11     Ron Williams
12     Elaine Armstrong
17     Abbie Mercer
17     Julie Zopiyactle
20     Kaylie Flahardy
21     MaLaya Ledlow
21     Allison Rogers
22     Elina Warner
22     Jackie Wells
25     Sue Bell
26     Bryson Bartlett
27     Betty Hale