Trust God | Bless Others | Celebrate Grace
Third Baptist Church
Friday, June 24, 2022
Trust God | Bless Others | Celebrate Grace

Church Staff

Ministry Staff
    Rev. Micah Spicer, Pastor
     Micah’s Mission Statement: Called to Serve

    “Although God’s grace saves us through faith, He expects us to live a  life of service. I do not claim discernment as a spiritual gift. But I know  beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am called to be a pastor. Instilled in  my heart is a desire to shepherd believers in the greatest institution on  this earth, the church. My passions for preaching, discipleship, and  missions are fueled by the greatest theological mystery of the ages, namely, that God loves me.”

     You can hear personal discussions between Rev. Micah and his guests where they talk about the Bible and what it means for your life at   

Rev. Micah Spicer, Pastor
David Roberson, Minister of Music

Rev. Joe Bob Pierce, Cornerstone Counseling
Curtis Hannah, Director of Creative Ministries
Libby Kassinger, Ministry Secretary
Financial Department
General Mailbox